Propane is the most universal and versatile of residential fuels, having the ability to efficiently power a wide range of appliances such as kitchen ranges, ovens, and cook tops. Creating instant, clean, and even heat, this fuel can improve the quality of your cooking appliance and the food you prepare.

Why cook with propane in your home?

  • Safety - Propane gas turns off instantly and cools quickly, which lessens your chance of burning yourself while waiting for your stove top to cool down.
  • Efficiency - Unlike electric stoves and ovens, propane's capability to instantly turn on and off allows you to only use as much energy as needed to power your appliance.
  • Consistency - Offering level heat distribution on your stove top or in your oven, propane assists in preparing evenly cooked meals.
  • Ease - From novice cooks to expert chefs, cooking with propane is simple thanks to precise temperature controls.
  • Advanced Technology - If you are looking to upgrade to an appliance with the latest technology, propane appliances are abundant. Convection ovens, sealed burners, griddles, grill tops, deep fryers, and more are available to be fueled by propane.

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